Launch of the new Packaging Forum

Out and About
Thursday, October 23, 2014

I was delighted to launch the new look, new name Packaging Forum which is the new face of packaging in New Zealand. It is about proactively leading change with industry collaborating to fund effective end of life recovery systems for packaging. This has been a key lesson from Love NZ.

The Packaging Forum now provides the framework for the packaging industry to put in place new schemes for plastic, paper, cans etc. Getting wider industry engagement is imperative to improving our recycling rates.

I have had a long involvement with Glass Packaging Forum - I remember first meeting the crew when they brought a mobile glass crusher to Parliament when I was a new MP and I have worked with them ever since.

But I really got to know the Glass Forum well through its management of the Love NZ brand which enabled the very successful expansion of Love NZ public place recycling bins across New Zealand in preparedness for the Rugby World Cup.

As Chair of the Love NZ Advisory Board until the end of 2013, I worked closely with David, Lyn, John and Donna to build the Love NZ brand through partnerships with local government and industry.

Love NZ is a great brand – one that really resonates with and engages New Zealanders and visitors to NZ who really do want to do their best by the environment. The Glass Packaging Forum brought people together and underpinned the work of the Love NZ Advisory Board and I would like you to join me to thank them sincerely for everything they did.