THE BIG LAUNCH - 6 Christchurch Philippino businesses

Christchurch Central Electorate
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I am delighted to be here to celebrate the “The Big Launch” the launch of six new businesses established by members of the Philippino community. 

New Zealanders are very pleased to welcome Philippino migrants and workers and appreciate their contribution to our community.  

Your Ambassador Virginia Benavidez spoke of the 5 C’s the 5 strengths for the Pilipino community – Christian Faith, Cultural Heritage, Community Spirit, and Care and Commitment and Cuisine.

While I would agree that these are all good reasons to admire your community,  I believe that kiwis also recognize another 5 important and valuable strengths. 

My list includes courage to settle in a country far from home, strong family focus, impressive work ethic, entrepreneurship (some of which we are admiring tonight)  and being a loving law abiding community.

It is not therefore surprising that the Philippino community is one of the fastest growing migrant groups in New Zealand, And that individuals are contributing in a growing number of commercial sectors, including setting up their own new businesses.

Congratulations to PriMaDonna Event Specialists, Cusina Filipina and Dad’s Grill, Palengke, Kabayan News and J & J Lights and Sounds. 
It’s a big step to set up a new business.  It takes courage, skill and hard work.  I am sure you will be successful because all these are recognized Philippino attributes.

All the best for the future, and can I encourage everyone to support these local businesses.

Ambassador Virginia H. Benavidez, Honourable Nicky Wagner, Member of Parliament for Christchurch Central and Minister of Customs and Christchurch City Councillor Jimmy Chen with Rebuild Group during “THE BIG LAUNCH: Building a Stronger Philippine Community in Christchurch” of six Filipino businesses in Christchurch on 18 October 2014. (photo by Alfie Alojado)