SmartGate welcomes Canadian travellers

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Customs Minister Nicky Wagner announced today that SmartGate is now open to Canadian ePassport holders.

“This automated passenger processing technology has gone from strength to strength since it was introduced in 2009 and it’s great to now open it to Canadian visitors,” Ms Wagner said.

“About 75,000 passengers are now using the technology on arrival and departure each week, and Customs welcomed the ten millionth SmartGate user at Auckland International Airport in September.

“This milestone was reached way ahead of the initial estimates, showing the Government’s push to introduce the technology was the right call.

“Using the information available in ePassports, SmartGate technology allows Customs to focus on high-risk travellers while making travel easier for low-risk travellers.

“This year SmartGate was also opened to under-twelve year olds, and US and UK passengers on arrival.

To watch the question on Smartgate in the house today -

“We have now commenced the busy summer season and these latest upgrades will help Customs manage the increasing volume of passengers while ensuring the safety of our border,” Ms Wagner said.