STARS training AND job fair - speed dating style

Disability Issues
Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Last weekend I launched the STARS training Job Fair - Speed Dating style first in New Zealand! Where families looking for support staff to assist disabled people in achieving their good life met many candidates for a 1 hour session.

Whilst this sounds like a role on the big screen, it isn’t in the usual sense, but the concept is similar. A group of Christchurch parents got together, to bring training for support people to work with their disabled young person. The idea has come from the UK-based group My Life who have had tremendous success with the programme.

The families looking for great support staff aren’t looking for ‘carers’, they are looking for supporting actors to walk alongside their STAR in the movie of their life. Changes in disability funding now enable families to administer their own funding - this is revolutionising the job market opening career opportunities unheard of before. These families can now employ their own staff to support their family member in the community, be it swimming, movies, dance, horse riding etc. You name it there will be a young person giving it a go!

The training programme is for anyone with the following qualities: Kind-hearted, glass half full personality, ready to give anything a go! Experience is not necessary. It runs for 5 consecutive Saturdays and each Saturday families are invited in for the afternoon to meet, mix, mingle and above all have fun with the trainees.