Nicky Wagner thrilled local schools are working together for kids

Christchurch Central Electorate
Thursday, August 13, 2015

Six schools in the Christchurch Central electorate are part of a group of 9 schools forming the Papanui - Redwood Community of Schools.

“This means children will benefit from shared teaching practices and expertise, with teachers working alongside each other on goals to help improve educational outcomes in the classroom,” Wagner said.

“I’m proud our schools realise that together they can achieve even more for our kids.”

These schools add to the existing Communities of Schools already participating in the Government’s $359 million Investing in Educational Success initiative.  There are now 42 communities working with more than 330 schools.

These communities aim to lift achievement in Kiwi schools by helping schools share their strongest resources – their best teachers and principals.

“Evidence shows us quality of education and school leadership are the two most important factors in a child’s education, so we are supporting those areas.

“We want to see greater collaboration among schools, improved transition through the education system for children, and better career pathways for early childhood and primary teachers.

“National is focused on improving education and achievement in our schools so all kids have the best learning opportunities and go on to live successful lives,” Wagner said.