Information sharing trial for Christchurch District Court

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Christchurch Central MP Nicky Wagner has welcomed a new pilot programme at Christchurch District Court which will provide Judges with better information when making bail decisions in family violence cases.

From September 1, Judges in Christchurch will receive a Family Violence Summary report which details all recorded family violence incidents involving each defendant. It includes police safety orders or protection orders, as well as any breaches of these.

“This pilot is another part of the Government’s work to better protect victims of family violence in our communities,” Ms Wagner says.

“Providing this additional judicial summary means all necessary information will be made available to Judges when making important bail decisions where it’s not already done. It’s another step to prevent victims of family violence from further harm,” Ms Wagner says.

Christchurch is one of two test sites for the family violence judicial summary with the other pilot taking place in Porirua.

The pilot will run for three months before being reviewed in December.