Disability Issues
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Attitude Group

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Attitude Group who’s website,, recently won the World Summit Award in the “inclusion and empowerment” category at the United Nations-based awards. The World Summit Awards Grand Jury declared to be “the best and most innovative Digital Innovation with high impact on society.” Congratulations on this significant achievement Attitude!

Darryl Wilson, Chief Executive, Abel Tasman National Park Ltd

I would also like to congratulate Darryl Wilson, Chief Executive, Abel Tasman National Park Ltd For his outstanding contribution providing access to both travel and recreational opportunities for blind and vision impaired patrons. Abel Tasman National Park Ltd is the most recent recipient of the Blind Citizens NZ’s Extra Touch Award. The Extra Touch Award recognises a person or company who, as part of the process of catering to the general public, makes an outstanding contribution towards improvement in access or service to blind and vision impaired people.

CQ Hotels Wellington

My congratulations are also extended to CQ Hotels Wellington who have taken another ‘step’ towards making their Hotel as accessible as possible for people of all abilities. CQ Hotels Wellington has recently announced its intention to embark on a $100,000.00 renovation in order to remove a step from the front entrance of its Café. Whilst renovating older buildings to exceed building compliance standards for accessibility can be costly, the benefits in terms increased customer numbers and increased customer and staff diversity, can outweigh initial costs.  I congratulate CQ Hotels on taking this next step in accessibility.