Save ARA

The Government has recently announced that ARA will be merged into one large nation-wide megapolytechnic.

Under the government’s reforms, plumbers, builders, electricians, farm trainees and other trades apprentices will come under the classroom based megapolytechnic.

On Day 1 of the reforms, your local council members will be sacked and the Minister’s political appointments put in place. 80% of the megapolytechnic council will also be political appointments.

Cash reserves that your polytechnic has worked so hard to save and spend on your polytechnic will be hoovered up by Wellington who will decide how to spend it. Your cash savings can be used to pay for the eye watering cost of these reforms.

In Canterbury, this amounts to $12,943,000 of cash which will be taken out of our local community.

If elected, National will return polytechnic assets taken by this Government and give them back to communities.

We support apprentices and regional polytechnics and we will fight for their voice and autonomy in these devastating education reforms.

We need to protect our community. Please help fight this reform by signing my online petition.

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